At this moment I am joining the informatics department of the Portuguese Education Minister.
Up till some time ago I was teacher at some public schools.
I must say it's a very difficult job nowadays considering the bad behavior, poor interest and deficient background of the youth in general.
I have been preparing a large collection of assignments in the computer field. I hope to put them online very soon and give some help to informatics education.
Its main goal is to make it easy for people of all ages and social conditions to learn the basics of informatics in a natural and practical way.

In my spare time, I am a freelancer programmer, mainly in Internet environment doing several static and dynamic websites.
That is something I appreciate very much since there's a big amount of knowledge, creativity rolex replica watches and good sense involved in this kind of work.
I rarely look at the watch when programming or doing some web design which can only be a good sign.

I don't have many close friends but the few I have I can say are 5 star fellows. I guess I am not the social type but I do like to interact and get to know different people.

As hobbies I watch TV, sometimes go for walk or ride my bycicle. I used to go dancing but it seems age starts to count :(
I like very much music (at least some kinds) and I even tried to learn it but I guess it's not my main strongest point :)
Sometimes I design t-shirt sketches as you can see on the right