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I would like to be healthy and have a peaceful life with a nice family. I would like to be always happy, have some money to spend and help others.

I would also like to be important and famous in some field but at the some time I wouldn't like to be very popular because I don't like very much being noticed. That's kind of a paradox I must say...

I would like to be respected and, why not, I would be very satisfied if I could be a model for youth behavior and conduct of life.

I will always try to be a dreamer and do my best to convert those dreams into reality.


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In general I would like to help others, especially those who need the most. After all that's the main reason we all are in this planet, isn't it?

I would like to apply my multimedia knowledge on real life situations and especially on educational environments in order to help people learn new things in a different and more natural way that they are used to.

Since I think I have some creative ideas I would like one day to direct movies or work in the publicity area.

I wouldn't mind passing the rest of my days programming. I think I will never get tired of it. I will try to keep up with the technology progress and find interesting solutions to solve problems.