It's always difficult to describe oneself but I' ll try to do my best and put it simple.
So, I am a regular "boy" who was born in Lisbon - Portugal some years ago, more precisely on 6/6/66.
I am 1.78 meters tall and my weight is 66 Kg.
I have white skin, brown eyes and curly brown hair.
From the outside I guess you can see the photos section to get to know me better.

Mentally I am calm, decided, simple, practical and I said before it's not easy.
My present activities are centered on the study and work with computers since they are very faithful to humans and rarely complain :)
Lately I have been teaching informatics mainly to young people at high schools.
I like very much computer programming and mainly Internet programming since one's work can be visible to everyone.
I was always very keen on sports and along the past years I have been practicing skating, omega replica watches, tennis, swimming, body building, etc.
I am also interested on some forms of art like dancing and music and I appreciate very much Nature especially the seaside.
I guess it's enough talk for now. I'll let you complete this item when you get to know me better.

PS. If you want to contact me please send a message to